Friday, May 29, 2009

The beginning

Hello bloggies!!
I mentioned in my 27 things about me post that I recently broke up with one of my best friends. It still feels very strange to say that because we really were the best of friends. The breakup was sudden and kind of nasty and it seems surreal to me at times. I am not as upset about it as I would have imagined (though I never imagined it). I feel kind of numb and unemotional about it, which is very odd because I am a VERY emotional person. So, I decided that it would be therapeutic for me to tell our story here on my blog. I think it fits in with my theme because I am trying to figure out how in the world I am supposed to balance the friendship that meant so much to me in my early twenties with the friendship that doesn't seem to be working for me in my late twenties. I am going to do this in several posts over a length of time so I don't totally bore everyone to death (though I am not really sure anyone is reading this anyways).
So, here goes....
I met by best friend in college. For anonymity purposes I am going to refer to her as K. K is a year older than me and was a junior when we first met. We were both double Political Science and Sociology majors with a Criminology minor and we were also both on the mock trial team - we were nerds:) I was intrigued by her at first because she was so confident and so sure of herself and at the time I was battling depression and trying to figure out what changes I needed to make in my own life to be a happier person. I was also intrigued because of her boyfriend. She was 21 at the time and dating one of our mock trial coaches who just happened to be a 30 year old lawyer at a local law firm in the town where our college was located. I was a runner/clerk at a different law firm and there was a lawyer there who hit on my constantly. He was good looking and smart and a lawyer so I was super impressed with him but I had never let it go anywhere because it seemed so taboo. He was 34 after all - gasp! At the time 34 seemed ancient to me. Now that I am 27 and my own husband is in his 30s it doesn't seem so bad but at the time I thought this guy could have qualified for social security:)
So, because K was doing it I decided I could do it and I let this old man lawyer take me out on a date. And I use the word date very loosely because basically he took me to the restaurant in town where he knew they would serve me even though I was under aged (he had a connection there and again for some reason I was impressed by this - oh to know what I know now) and he plied me with green apple martinis for a couple of hours. Somehow we ended up back at the stank ass house I lived in while in college and on the couch. I kissed him for about a minute before I couldn't take anymore of his old man lips and abruptly stopped. He then told me he would really like to lay in front of a fire on a bearskin rug with me and that was all I could take - I nearly threw up my green apple martinis in my mouth. I immediately told him to leave because I had to get up early for class the next day and that was the end of that. I continued to work at that same law firm until I graduated college and spent a large majority of my time trying to avoid this guy - getting on an old man totally wasn't worth it for me:)
After that I knew I had to get to know K better because how in the hell was she dating her old man lawyer - I was even more intrigued by her at this point. So, we quickly became friends and became best friends even quicker than that. We had so much in common and has so much fun together. Our friendship was easy - we understood each other, liked the same things, felt the same way about politics, had the same goals in life - she was truly my soul mate and I truly believe we were meant to find each other. And I still feel that way. Even if we aren't friends now I don't think that diminishes the amazing friendship we once had.
So, that is really more of a story of me making out with an old man lawyer but that really is how our friendship began. Stay tuned for more....

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